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Pet Hydration On-The-Go Marvel

Pet Hydration On-The-Go Marvel

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Our Pet Hydration On-The-Go Marvel is not just a water bottle – it's a game-changer for pet owners who prioritize ease, convenience, and worry-free travel. Let's dive into the fantastic features that make this product a must-have for pet enthusiasts:

**1. Compact and Handy:**
Say goodbye to bulky pet accessories! This marvel is small in size, making it your furry friend's perfect travel companion. Its super-multi-functions, including drinking water and cleaning up, ensure your pet's needs are met effortlessly.

**2. Ergonomic Design Delight:**
Designed with your comfort in mind, the integrated arc design allows for easy one-handed operation. The 360° inverted design ensures no leaks, and the top lanyard makes it a breeze to carry. Enjoy worry-free hydration on the go!

**3. Quick and Reliable Hydration:**
No more fumbling around with complicated switches! The large button water outlet switch ensures a reliable one-second water flow. The bottom lock button and double waterproof, leak-proof design make it safe and secure. Plus, the cup's upright position cleverly redirects unused water back inside.

**4. Tailored for All Dogs:**
The Type 0 direct drinking wide sink design caters to all canine sizes. From large to small breeds, this wide-mouth drinking marvel conforms to your dog's oral structure, ensuring a spill-free outdoor experience.

**5. Waste-Not, Want-Not Convenience:**
Enjoy hassle-free cleanups with the portable garbage bag conveniently placed at the end of the water cup. Pull it gently, and voila – swift and easy pet care!

**6. Healthy and Durable Construction:**
Crafted from food-grade ABS+PC material, this pet marvel boasts a smooth surface, high-temperature resistance, and a long service life. Each part is easily disassembled for independent use, making it a breeze to clean – just rinse with water and wipe!

Gear up for joyful and stress-free pet adventures with our Pet Hydration Marvel – where convenience meets care for your beloved furry companion. Make every trip memorable with a happy and hydrated pet by your side!


Size Small is 300 ml 
Size Large is 500 ml

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